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This web page gives you great garage door repair tips. Knowing what to do and when to do it.

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How would I know if the garage door spring is properly balanced?

With the door closed, disconnect the operator by pulling the red release cord. Open the door halfway by hand and let go of the garage door. Garage Door Repair Corte Madera professionals explain that the door should stay almost at the same location. If it drops or opens on its own, the spring should be adjusted.

What kind of maintenance I need to perform on my garage door and opener?

These are the easiest maintenance procedures you can perform to make sure that your garage door is still in good condition. Visually inspect the odd or loosen parts like the springs, cables, and hinges and adjust them whenever possible. Lubricate the rollers, hinges and tracks. When there is a need to call for assistance, you can always get assistance from our experts.

What do I need to check for in a garage door and opener on a monthly basis?

A visual inspection of springs, rollers, cables, tracks and pulleys is essential. Certain moving parts need to be lubricated correctly and the door balance also needs to be checked. For openers it is best to test the reversing mechanism first by simply using a piece of wood underneath the door. The door should reverse immediately after striking the wood. Then a force setting test is also recommended and checking for additional safety devices.

How do I maintain the sensors?

Garage door opener sensors ought to be tested at least once a month. In the meantime, make sure they are clean because dust can block the photo eyes. You must also adjust them if they are not aligned and you must make sure they are facing each other. Use an object to test the reverse mechanism.

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