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Our experience allows us to understand which tips will be useful to garage door owners. All people are interested to find out more about ways to keep their electric garage door longer and also strong and safe. Here we have gathered some of the most useful tips for everyone interested. Find the information you need from these garage door repair FAQs. Get all the answers.

Lubricate your garage door on a periodic basis

Oil or lubricant should be applied to the moving parts such as the rollers, pulleys, hinges and tracks of your garage door, preferably every six months. This would help keep your garage door opening and closing run smoothly. It would also prevent the building of rust on your garage door mechanism.

Keep the brackets in order

Brackets play a vital role in the garage door system as they hold the tracks properly, enabling them to smoothly move up and down. Should these loosen, Garage Door Repair Corte Madera experts say that tightening them right away is the key to ensure that that tracks won’t be affected. When dented, replace them with new ones for maximum efficiency.

Tips for garage door remote batteries

The key to longevity and effective service is checks and maintenance. Garage Door Repair Corte Madera has discovered that many home owners ignore batteries on the remote. They only pay attention when they are either locked in or locked out. Make sure that you keep a spare pair just in case the old ones become wobbly at inconvenient times such as in the night.

Prefer powder coats

When it's time to paint the garage door or replace the existing one, make sure the door is painted with powder coats. These are ecological varnishes that won't only contribute to the protection of the natural environment but they will also help you to avoid breathing chemicals at home.

Add an extra lock while on vacation

When going on a vacation, add an extra lock on your garage door to make sure that no outsider could breach into your home. For extra security, you could also unplug the automatic garage door opener so the door would not be opened at all until you get back.

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