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Garage Door Maintenance

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The main reason why garage door maintenance is necessary is that it ensures problems and accidents elimination. By nature it is a preventive service, but it can take place even if there are some problems with the system. Both the door and the parts are affected by many things on a daily basis and slowly wear. Maintenance slows their wearing process. The main problems with parts start when they don't have sufficient lubricants or are loose. With maintenance all these issues are taken care of since the service includes the overall and thorough inspection of all parts for the sole purpose to detect such issues. Once these issues are detected, they are fixed whether parts need to be tightened or adjusted. The service always includes lubrication maintenance since lubricants will help parts last longer and eliminate noises.Garage Door Maintenance


Our maintenance service experts are thorough



“Garage Door Repair Corte Madera” considers this routine service of the essence. It's not accidental that we recommend annual maintenance to our clients. We know by experience that their Clopay garage doors will move, perform and behave much better with our regular service and will also last longer. We have exquisite technicians at our business and their good work ensures that the

system will be inspected perfectly. Examining all parts well is the first and perhaps the most important step of garage door maintenance.

Based on what we see, we proceed. When we see that the track is not properly aligned after inspecting it, we make sure it is well adjusted. Garage door opener sensors maintenance is also one of our priorities so that we can be sure of your safety. We also check the balance and force of the door and do the right adjustments. The technicians of our company are meticulous and fully concentrated during the service. We are also extensively knowledgeable of all openers and can service your Marantec, Genie or Liftmaster door opener with excellence. At the end of the service, your door will perform like new again and you won't have to worry about problems. If you want more information about our maintenance garage door repair service, contact us.

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