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Sensors Adjustment is Crucial

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

Falling garage doors are one of the main reasons for accidents. It may not happen every day and it would happen only if the system is completely neglected, parts are improperly repaired and installed, or the mechanism is poorly maintained. Still, there is a way to keep the family safe. It surely takes annual garage door maintenance and immediate repairs should some parts are damaged in the meantime but sensors play a vital role as well. There is a reason why manufacturers make efforts to improve electric operators. There is a reason why there are safety regulations set by UL 325 and why all openers are checked for their safety features by the laboratory before they hit the market. Safety is the number one issue when it comes to garage doors. It is the priority of all people and the major concern of all homeowners.Sensors Adjustment is Crucial

Take care of sensors so that they can take care of you

The stranger thing is that we care about safety matters but there is so much we do about it. Isn't it contradictory? On one hand, we make statements of how worried we all are about the safety of our children but then we go ahead and ignore completely the needs of our overhead door. Safety is surely ensured with good maintenance and also avoidance to put fingers in sections or engaging in garage door repairs ourselves. Accidents do not happen only when doors fall. People might get injured for silly reasons, such as putting their hands on frayed cables. Though, the most serious accidents happen when the door falls. All other injuries can be avoided if you are careful and follow some safety rules, but how would you manage to control the movement of the door, which comes down on you, in just seconds?

This is the job of the garage door opener sensors. That's why they are there. That's why there are placed at the lower parts of the door. From their position, they can see your hand when you reach to get the scarf dropped on the floor and won't let the door close down on you. They can see the children playing and running under the door or even the car passing by. There are some rules when it comes to garage systems. The door must open all the way so that the vehicle can pass through without bumping the bottom part of the door. It must close well on the floor and it must also remain open mid-way. This happens thanks to the garage door springs and that's why their good condition is critical, too.

Though, the condition of the sensors is equally crucial. Even if someone is standing under the door when it comes down, the reverse mechanism will save the situation. It will prevent an accident. Garage door opener sensors maintenance is important since their wiring must be checked and problems must be fixed. Their alignment makes all the difference. If the beams of the photo eyes do not meet half way under the door, they won't save you. They won't work. It only takes a small push and your safety will be ensured.

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